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The Longest Scream, 2016

Drawing from a dual background in the fields of engineering and visual art, artist and educator Lee Blalock merges the two and constantly finds bold new ways to push the boundaries at their intersection. Blalock’s work often involves futuristic imagery that evokes aesthetics of science fiction, but nonetheless one finds an unmistakable presence of authenticity in her work. Blalock’s projects function as honest expressions of self while being rendered in cyberspace. In her piece, The Longest Scream, she orchestrates a visual symphony of distorted vocalizations and rearticulates the way emotion can be conveyed through technology. 
Blalock’s artistic vision can be admired not only in the forms it takes within her final products, but equally so in her creative process for sourcing inspiration. Diverging from more orthodox methods, her works derive largely from a passion for the material itself. Her works are framed by an image or phrase that calls one to mind. The Longest Scream resulted from Blalock’s mission to learn WebGL, a computer program used for 2D and 3D interactive graphics, and an investigation of how the mouth can be perceived as an idea separate from the human head. Guided by the concept of anatomy depicted through abstraction, she tackles the new medium with a fresh set of eyes. What emerges is a posthuman choir reimagined in geometry and an ode to her frustration with the physical world.

In addition to art practice, she serves as a faculty member at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, furthering the study of art and technology by educating developing artists and contributing new literature to the field. Blalock’s style and technique can be defined as innovative in the truest sense of the word. While her purpose is not to project what others would want to see, her talent for creating a space for her own ideas that do not fit anywhere else inspires hope in others that they can do the same.

- A. Bineza