Edgar Fabián Frías, MA MFT, is a nonbinary, queer, indigenous (Wixárika) and Latinx interdisciplinary artist, curator, educator, and psychotherapist. Their work traverses academic, social, historical, and relational planes, building bridges and weaving webs. Their practice is amorphous and expansive, rooted in multivalent forms of connection and in the magic that emerges from it. Born in East Los Angeles, Frías earned dual BA degrees in Psychology and Studio art from the University of California, Riverside and completed an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. Consequently, Frías’ work is often collaborative and engages with the intrapersonal and interpersonal aspects of consciousness and the continuing effects of colonial and patriarchal structures on the health and resiliency of marginalized communities. Their work has been shown at Angel’s Gate Cultural Center, Vincent Price Art Museum, Human Resources, Machine Project, SOMArts, ESMoA, Recess Gallery, Pieter Performance Space, and PAM Residencies. Frías is currently participating in the Tulsa Artist Fellowship in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Edgar left a job as a professional psychiatrist to pursue art and experimentations in psychotherapy upon discovering their ties to Wixarika, a population indigenous to western Mexico. As an artist, Edgar seeks to push the limits of human imagination through practices of self-awareness and care. In addition to their artistic works, Edgar is known as a dedicated educator and psychotherapist. The installation that is featured in the current embassy (IRL) was originally part of Perpetual Flowering, a body of work from 2017. It is made up of two parts that are complementary to each other. The first is a monitor displaying a series of ceremonial songs rearranged into a format inspired by contemporary music videos and recordings of testimonies from witnesses of stories that bear inter-community meanings. Next, the centerpiece is made up of carefully selected sacred objects with colors that signify sacred directions. In addition, Edgar promotes active corporeal and spiritual engagement with the audience. They collaborated with herbal therapist Saewon Oh, the owner of Sun-Song, to create a special flower essence that was distributed at the entrance to the original show.
By incorporating various elements in one piece, Edgars transforms the space into a meditative sanctuary and a portal to profound spirituality. Edgar grew up in a first-generation immigrant family. Edgar remembered being shaped into an identity that they did not resonate with, and being constantly under pressure for having to live up to the standards and expectations the society had set up for “Mexican Americans.” Edgar’s parents never disclosed the family’s indigenous background, nor did they celebrate it. In Perpetual Flowering, Edgar attempts to break these stigmas and reunite with their indigenous background. Specifically, the artist strives to transmit inter-generational knowledge through modern artistic forms including video and digital images.Edgar’s voice can also be heard in the social and musical sectors: they have organized multiple arts and musical festivals to support queer youth in the past, and the next event would be held in November at Current LA Food festival.