unsettling time

a pavilion and embassy curated by alejandro t. acierto for the Wrong

with works by
Joshua Albers // Lee Blalock // Edgar Fabián Frías // Jason E. Geistweidt // Yun Ingrid Lee // Xavier McFarlin // Dan Paz // Zander Porter // Rodrigo Nava Ramirez  // Fran Pérez Rus // Tyler Ryan // Heath Schultz // Judith Sönnicken // Eric Souther // Eva Wǒ // Jacqueline Wu

opens online Nov 1, 2019 and runs through Mar 1, 2020
IRL in Nashville from Nov 4 - 20, 2019 in Space 204 at the Vanderbilt University Department of Art

Nov 20 - live performance w/ Lee Blalock in Space 204

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Unsettling Time is a curatorial project by alejandro t. acierto that foregrounds Indigenous, queer, and postcolonial ideas around time. With work that draws on the archives of networked society, these pieces offer new theoretical formations, assemblages, and conceptualizations of time and temporality. In an effort to decolonize time, this project sets out to destabalize the chrononormative straightness of time, to allow it to exist outside of the singular constructs of linearity and progress. As such, these works revise how we might think of other times, of the durations and extensions that push time into space, and of the multiple compressions of accumulated times that enable us the capacity to offer singular objects and memories.

with curatorial assistance from

Chris Alexander
Rebecca Arp
Adriel N. Bineza
Selina Liu
Juhi Sinha
Jiyayi Wang


Support for this exhibition is provided in part by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Vanderbilt University Center for Digital Humanities, The Curb Center for Art, Enterprise & Public Policy at Vanderbilt University, the Vanderbilt University Department of Art, and Space 204

dedicated to and in memory of Adriel N. Bineza